Staircases, Railings, & Custom Wood Working

A staircase may be required structurally and to move from floor-to-floor in a building but that does not mean a simple lackluster or cookie-cutter design must be settled for. Custom stairways are a work of art that add style and value to any interior space. The experienced craftsmen at Traditional StairWorks, Inc. are skilled at designing and installing unique custom staircases that upgrade the look of any room that requires a set of stairs.

Working with us is easy because we are passionate about our work, believing that well-crafted custom stair designs have dramatic effects on the utility and beauty of interior spaces. Incorporating a client’s vision and style with engineering needs, Traditional StairWorks takes the time to create a functional and aesthetic stairway that truly evokes what the client envisions within local building code requirements.

Stair rails serve an important function by providing a safety barrier, but they can be so much more. Installing custom stair railings can add sophistication and style to a room while providing safety.  Traditional StairWorks can build beautiful railings for platforms, shallow rises as well as stairways.